Top 5 Scenic Walks in Ireland: Discover the Sweetest Trails with Free'ist

Top 5 Scenic Walks in Ireland: Discover the Sweetest Trails with Free'ist

Top 5 Scenic Walks in Ireland: Discover the Sweetest Trails with Free'ist

Embark on a delightful journey through the emerald heart of Ireland as we uncover the top 5 walks in Ireland where every step is a story, and every trail sings the saga of the land. Whether you're a seasoned trekker or a casual stroller seeking those Instagrammable shots, these walks are sure to capture the hearts of any choco-lover. With every step on these Irish walks, you'll unwrap the storied beauty of the land (without the added sugar 😉). So, lace up your walking shoes, pack a bar of Free'ist for that scenic sit-down, and let's stride into the magical landscapes of Ireland!

Tollymore Forest Trails; a real-life gateway to Narnia

Let your footsteps guide you to the enchanted woodlands of Tollymore Forest Trails, a top scenic walk in Ireland that seems lifted from the pages of a fairytale. Found in Newcastle, County Down in Northern Ireland, Tollymore is a perfect escape from our bustling lives, with ancient trees that are as photogenic as they are peaceful. Perfect for trekkers and leisurely walkers alike, this magical trail is sprinkled with gothic stone arches, rustic bridges, and paths that weave through towering redwoods and lush greenery. Capture Instagram-worthy scenes at every sweet turn – with close proximity to the Newcastle town, why not grab a coffee and choco-chill by the beach while you’re there?

🤎 Difficulty: Easy to moderate

🏕️ Length: 0.7km to 13.6km

📍 Start point: Tollymore Forest Park car park


The Howth Cliff Walk; where the sky kisses the sea

This must-visit Dublin trail for walkers of all strides is a symphony of crashing waves, salty breezes, and panoramic views that will take your breath away. Along the cliffs, the path unfolds into a world where seabirds soar, and the horizon stretches infinitely, reminding you to take in all the Free’ist moments. With every turn along this cliff path, you'll find new views to take your breath away, from the picturesque Baily Lighthouse to the distant silhouettes of the Dublin Mountains. Just remember to arrive early and with your Free’ist sweet treats in hand – everyone has the same idea as us! 

🤎 Difficulty: Moderate to difficult

🏕️ Length: 6km to 12km

📍 Start point: Howth Village or the summit car park


Murlough Bay Nature Trail; the ancient tales of the wild

Dive into the vibrant scenery of the Murlough Bay Nature Trail, a coastal gem that's rich in biodiversity. Nestled along the Northern Irish coast between Fair Head and Torr Head, County Antrim, this trail is a sanctuary where dunes blend with the sounds of the sea. With every step, the trail reveals stunning views of the Mourne Mountains meeting the sea, offering a picturesque backdrop for walkers and nature enthusiasts. It's an idyllic spot for bird watchers, families, or anyone looking to savour the Free’ist moments of natural beauty without straying too far from a comforting bite of chocolate indulgence. If you’re looking for nice walks in Ireland that tend to be very quiet throughout the year, this one is well worth trying 🙌

🤎 Difficulty: Moderate

🏕️ Length: 4.4km

📍 Start point: Murlough Road car park


Scilly Walk; a hidden gem that's a stroll away from the poetic town of Kinsale

Embark on a leisurely journey along the Scilly Walk, considered as one of the most scenic walks in Cork, where Kinsale’s coastal beauty shines. This 6km loop showcases the small town of Kinsale in all its glory – making it feel like you’re on a fairytale coastal dock. As you meander from the bustling town centre, the path guides you to the historic Charles Fort (one of the country’s largest military installations), offering endless ocean views.

🤎 Difficulty: Easy

🏕️ Length: 6km

📍 Start point: Kinsale Village


The Benbulben Forest Walk; beneath a mountain that's straight out of an Irish legend

The Benbulben Forest Walk is where Ireland's green heart beats strongest, against the stunning backdrop of the iconic Benbulben Mountain. This easy trail is a favourite for families and solo explorers alike, weaving through an enchanted forest before revealing the one of Ireland's most distinctive landmarks. Along the way, you might spot deer peeking through the foliage or hear the call of a hawk overhead. Every clearing offers a new angle of Benbulben, each more Instagram-worthy than the last—making it a perfect match for a mid-hike treat from your Free'ist stash 😉

🤎 Difficulty: Moderate

 🏕️ Length: 5.5 km / 1.5 – 2 hours

📍 Start point: Benbulben Forest Walk car park


As our scenic journey comes to a close, we hope you're feeling inspired to lace up your boots and embrace the rugged beauty of Ireland's top walks. From the enchanting Tollymore Forest to the dramatic cliffs of Howth, the tranquil paths of Murlough Bay, the picturesque Scilly Walk, and the imposing presence of Benbulben, each trail offers a feast for the senses. Remember, the best companion for these wholesome walks is a treat that doesn't weigh you down with sugar but lifts you up with pure, delicious flavour 🍫😋