at FREE'IST, we believe better ingredients and better sourcing make for better chocolate

because great tasting and better-for-you belong together!

With no added sugar, palm oil or artificial flavourings, and made using ethically sourced cacao beans from Colombian farmers, we believe great tasting and better-for-you belong together!

we’re proud to deliver a great tasting range of no added sugar chocolate that never compromises on flavour

plant powered

We’re delighted to reveal our new no added sugar, plant-based range, made with creamy oat m*lk, a perfect partner for chocolate without sacrificing flavour

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why choose FREE'IST?

we're passionate about helping people reduce their sugar intake, by offering a great tasting range of reduced sugar chocolate that doesn't compromise on flavour!

we champion fair pay, direct sourcing and a transparent supply chain, with Colombian farmers at the heart of FREE'IST!

we use only the finest single origin cacao and the best quality Fino de Aroma cocoa beans to create the most exceptional aroma and taste

we believe great taste and better-for-you belong together and that you shouldn't have to compromise on taste or quality

we’ve expanded our range to include no added sugar plant-based chocolate. made with creamy oat m*lk and featuring inclusions for the ultimate indulgence!