ethically sourced single origin cacao

At FREE’IST we believe better ingredients make for better chocolate. With no added sugar, palm oil, or artificial flavourings, and made using ethically sourced cacao beans from Colombian farmers, we believe great tasting and better-for-you belong together!

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Let our customers tell you

The dark chocolate with sea salt is incredible! I don't know how you make chocolate with low sugar taste so good!


I tried the dark chocolate with my grandparents who are diabetic, and they absolutely loved it!


The sea salt dark chocolate is a flavour I'd always go for!


I am obsessed with the oat m*lk chocolate range!

Erin Riley (Digital Content Creator)

I'm vegetarian, but I'm working towards becoming vegan. Chocolate has always been something I thought I couldn't live without. Now, I have no excuse, as these are fab!

no added sugar – single origin cacao – no artificial flavours or colours – ethically sourced –